This excerpt is from the November 2019 issue of Success From Home Magazine Success Stories Interview by Susan Kane


The U.S. Virgin Islands are a beautiful place to visit. With it’s warm temps and light breezes it is a welcome reprieve from the cold northern winters.  As I step out of the airport,  I see a woman in a brightly colored sundress with bright red hair excitedly waiving to me with a huge smile on her face.  I wave back and as I go to meet her, her fiance promptly pulls up in a fun looking black jeep wrangler with the top off.  With quick introductions over, he opens the door for me and we are on our way.

They drive me to a local restaurant overlooking the beautiful blue water where we can order some snacks and enjoy a fruity tropical drink out on the deck.  The sound of steel drums fill the air and as I take in the beautiful scenery of the lagoon, I think to myself “I could get used to this”



After relaxing amarina bit and enjoying some of the local entertainment, Shelby & Rich  invite me to their “winter” home where I could freshen up a bit after my flight.  We drove through some of the most beautiful landscape I’ve seen and before too long, we enter this quaint but beautiful marina sitting on the north coast of St. Croix. As we walk down to the docks, I notice that we pass by numerous boats and I ask them which one was theirs and they both just smiled and pointed to a shiny white 47 foot Express Cruiser with the name “Freedom 2 Live” painted on the back. They were all smiles as they help me board and as I took in the custom interior, state of the art helm and sparkling floors, I could tell that it was their pride and joy.

I was anxious to get to the story of how they went from living in Upstate NY full time to living on a boat in the middle of the Caribbean in the winboat drink2ter months, but Shelby insisted that I relax and kick back for a while. Let the sun soak into my soul as she put it. So as we sat on the back deck of their cruiser sipping on cocktails chit chatting about various things like local cuisine, hot spots and music, I let the sun soak into my soul and completely relax me.


After a while, she took me on a short tour of the boat and I found that is was quite comfortable and spacey for a boat. Not only do you have a sizable area in the back for lounging and entertaining in the beautiful sunny weather, the cabin was spacious with a full galley equipped with stove, fridge, sink and full bar. The seating was comfortable and spacey and it actually had a queen sized bed and an aft cabin big enough for 2 guests. Oh did I forget to mention, the counters were actually granite and the full head (bathroom) had a spa like shower that was done in a beautiful mosaic tile. I complemented them on the beautiful interior choices and Rich pointed at Shelby and said it was all her doing.  She ducked her head and graciously said thank you.granite

We went back out on the deck and finally settled in for the story of how they came to be living here on this beautiful boat in the Caribbean…

SN: First let me thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to come all the way down here and for letting us share our story with you and the Success From Home readers.  Hopefully it will inspire others out there to go after their dreams like we did.

SK: What would you say was the key to this dramatic change in your lifestyle?

SN: First was finding Mark J. aka The Worlds Laziest Networker, the Fabulous Davene and the MKMMA program. Through them and the program I  learned that you can have anything you desire if you are clear about what you want and you learn how to focus your mind. MKMMA is a program that teaches you the importance of habit and how to change your mental blueprint from operating from the bad habits you have developed over the years to new good habits that you create for yourself.

SK: Sounds like quite a process…

SN: It was a 6 month intense yet fun process, and it was well worth the effort.  I still follow what they taught me to this day because what you see here today is all because of what Mark J, Davene and the other MKMMA coaches teach to people like us who truly want to make a change in their life. They don’t tell us who we are or what they think we want to hear, they don’t influence us with their ideas, they guide us to look within ourselves to find our own definite major purpose in life. To follow our bliss.

SK:  So what was your driving force when you started the program?

SN:  In one word, Freedom. Freedom to travel here to the peaceful life of the Caribbean during the winter months. It fills me with a freedom and contentment that I haven’t found anywhere else.  The anticipation every time we board our 47 ft boat to come down here is like a drug to my soul. It is a very liberating feeling to be able to hand in your resignation letter and come down here and hop from island to island. Because of our commitment to release unproductive time such as television to help others with their life plans we are able to travel to the Islands annually.  You see, the program taught me that you have to give more to get more. So by giving my time to help the people in my organization grow their business to get to their dreams, it has allowed me to realize my own. If you help enough people get what they want, you will have everything you want.

It all happened for us back in 2016 when we reached a 6 figure income with our business and has grown to 7 figures recently. With help from Mark J & Davene’s Go90Grow program I learned that Network marketing is a skill-based business. Simply by learning some easy, transferable skills and learning how to coach and teach those skills to others caused a major jump in the momentum of our business.  The education of duplication is the key and it has been a blast working with the folks who embrace the system.

SK: Other than down here in the islands, do you travel to other places?

SN: Absolutely!  Back in October of 2017 we took a 2 week trip to the Tahitian Islands. We visited Bora Bora, Moorea & Huahine. It was an amazing trip filled with fun, sun and of course amazing (and fresh) seafood.  We stayed at the St. Regis Resort in Bora Bora for part of our stay, the villa sat over the water, it had a glass floor so we could watch the fish swim by and we even got to see a sea turtle or two. We stayed on the island of Moorea and we evefriesian2n got to dive with the dolphins LOL.  It was the most carefree feeling I have ever had. I remember when I was a child,  I always said one day that I would swim with the dolphins, and I did just that.  I guess dreams really do come true. I have also always had this fantasy of riding a black friesian horse down the beach bareback at sunset, and guess what? That fantasy became a reality while we were there and my soul has never felt so free as when we were racing down the beach and splashing in the surf of the beautiful lagoon in Tahiti.

SK:  Sounds like you had the trip of a lifetime.

SN: OH YES! I have to say that it is at the top of my list right now. I have also always wanted to go on a trip to the see the castles in Ireland and Scotland so that trip is in the works right now but I haven’t ironed out all the details. I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

SK: Please do, I imagine that will be a once in a lifetime trip also.

SK: So for our readers at home, what does the rest of your year typically look like?

SN: Well, back in 2015, we built a 2 tier deck onto the back of the house that over looks the river we live on, there is a new hot tub out there so we enjoy spending time relaxing there when we are not traveling.  We love having campfires out by the river and we do some fishing from time to time. We also visit my mom in Arkansas more often now that we are free from the rate race. Mom and I enjoy making jewelry so we go on shopping excursions or gem hunts whenever we get the chance. Occasionally we’ll go horseback riding in the Ozark mountains, mostly in the fall before we leave for the islands. We enjoy getting the whole family together for the holidays either down here in the islands or we jet back up to the mainland. It just depends on what we are all feeling that year.  I also enjoy painting in my craft room that overlooks the river. I donate a lot of my work to charities such as Sunshine Horses and the local volunteer organization for the purpose of raising money and awareness for their cause. It’s a way I can give back by using my God given talents and it makes me happy to see the delight on the faces of the people who win the art and to know that the money is going to help those in need whether they are human or animal.

SK: What types of things do you paint?

SN: Well believe it or not, I paint on mailboxes mostly. Some are sport team based and others are cartoon art or scenery. It depends on the mood and the charity I am donating to.  Special orders are always welcome.

SK: You seem to be in great shape and you look like you are at peace with yourself and your world.

SN: Meditation and exercise is a big part of my life now and I attribute a lot of what I’ve accomplished to both because it helps me stay in touch with God and stay healthy.  I feel a total calmness and sense of peace when I meditate so I make it a point to sit and reflect, giving thanks to all of the abundance in my life 20 minutes twice a day, sometimes 3 times a day.  I got into yoga a few years back and found that it is an amazing way to not only stay in shape, but a way to stay in tune with my body, mind and spirit. Life can be so hectic and most people don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy it. I think meditation is one of the single most import things you can do in your life because it gives you time to slow down, quiet your mind and listen to your inner self instead of all he noise that is going on around us 24/7.  Life is about choices and I feel grateful every day for the choices that have brought me to this amazing life.meditation1

SK:  Shelby, Rich I know that I am inspired by your story and my readers will definitely have some inspiration to tap into when they need it. We here at Success wish you and your team continued success.

SN:  Thank you for letting us share our story.