MKMMA Week 8 You Want Me To Meditate?

Week 8 You Want Me To Meditate? Okay, technically, we have been “meditating” for 7 weeks now, or should I say we were supposed to be meditating for 7 weeks…. I started out pretty good with this whole thing, but somewhere in the last couple of weeks, I had slacked off with the meditation part of our assignments.  I didn’t miss every day, but I missed a few here and there……HUGE MISTAKE!!! Let.. Read More

MKMMA Week 3 Wait!!!Solar Plexus What!?

Week 3 kind of started off on the wrong foot.  I missed my webinar due to company being in town, it was great to see them, but when you are trying to build good habits, it messes up the routine a bit LOL.  Anyway,  that threw my week off right there. Then, have you ever had a night with negative people and you can just feel the energy being sucked right out of.. Read More

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