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Week 23 POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS By Lorelei

Hi, I decided to have a Guest Blogger for week 23. Lorelei gives this great example of  The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS. Thank You Lorelei Sunshine… The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS My friend Bob says I am always the optimist, always thinking the positive and good in every one and situation no matter how dire. I have always lived my life this way, never worrying about where anything I need is coming from.. Read More

MKE Week 16 2015 “When Life Gets In The Way” Guest Blog By Shirley

When life gets in the way the best we can do is slow down, take a time out and remember to be grateful for what we have.   This is hard to do but necessary for our sanity.  Shirley covers this in her week 16 blog entitled Reflections. Here is a short excerpt from her post, you can read the rest by clicking on the link below it  Enjoy! Yes, it’s been a.. Read More

MKE Week 15 2015 I’m Still Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

It’s one year later and guess what? I’m still Nature’s Greatest Miracle! We are in week 15 again of the MKMMA program and because we switched to a new month as well, we moved to scroll IV of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman Of The World “I am nature’s greatest miracle” Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair,.. Read More

MKE Week 14 2015 New Growth…The End Is Actually The Beginning

New Growth….The End Is Actually The Beginning….. Just when you think the end is in sight, you realize that hmmmm, it might just be the beginning. Take for instance a forest fire. The flames destroy everything in their path, trees are left standing in a blackened sea of ash created by plants that where once green and lush. It’s the end right? Not so fast, what is it that we see in a.. Read More

MKE Week 11 2015 Persistence Of The Signs

Persistence of the signs have me moving forward. Have you ever felt stuck? Have you ever felt like you were being pulled or pushed by something but don’t know what? Signs…. They come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in animal or people form. Some we notice others we do not and yet others we don’t recognize as signs until we get bombarded by the same types of signs over and over.. Read More

MKE Week 10 As I Sit Here & The Secret To Your Cup Of Happiness Continued

Oh good, you’re back to find out the secret to your cup of happiness I shant draw out the anticipation too long, you’ve been waiting long enough, but a funny thing when you are writing these blogs, you are always looking for pictures that go with your subject matter, and I find it quite funny that most of the cup of happiness pics look like this…..    makes you think that coffee is an.. Read More

MKE Week 9 As I Sit Here…

As I sit here watching this amazing sunrise, I feel blessed… Blessed because I am alive Blessed because I can see Blessed because I Am Free Thanksgiving of 2015 just passed and as I sit here, I am so thankful for all that I have in my life…. Great family, friends, partner, the men who fought to give me the freedom to write this and the list goes on and on. A beautiful.. Read More

Mentorship & Other Reasons To Find Out About The MKE

Mentorship is just one of the reasons to find out about the MKE. Many of you have asked me to keep you informed on the next MKMMA experience, so here are some great reasons to keep your eyes peeled for my updates and get on the early bird mailing list now There’s nothing out there like it! Oh sure, there are tons of personal development courses out there. Some are a few hours,.. Read More

Master Key Experience Review

Master Key Experience Review Hey Folks! Shelby Nolan here ~ Thanks for stopping by to check out my review of the Master Key Experience! With all the buzz out there about the Master Key Experience which starts again in September click–>> here to get early notification. The mantra of “There’s Nothing Like It” is a very fitting statement and my verdict is it’s a 1000% worth the time and effort How can I make.. Read More

Master Key Experience And Soul Searching

What do the Master Key Experience and soul searching have in common? They both have a knack for making you think about things that… You didn’t want to dig into because you had a fear of what you would find Never really gave much thought to at all because it seemed like an impossibility Challenged the beliefs that you’ve been taught all your life Bring you to a new understanding of yourself and.. Read More

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