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Week 23 POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS By Lorelei

Hi, I decided to have a Guest Blogger for week 23. Lorelei gives this great example of  The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS. Thank You Lorelei Sunshine… The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS My friend Bob says I am always the optimist, always thinking the positive and good in every one and situation no matter how dire. I have always lived my life this way, never worrying about where anything I need is coming from.. Read More

MKE Week 22 No Time To Kill Guest Blog by Shirley

No Time to kill This was a great post from one of our great members Shirley Hodgins, all the way from Canada. Even when you think your life is to busy to do the things you know are good for your soul, it’s comes down to taking time out for yourself because “There’s No Time To Kill”  I hope you enjoy the post… Somewhere in the mid-90s, I went through a bit of.. Read More

Week 20 Guest Post by Shirley Short And Sweet!

Short And Sweet Shirley is manifesting things in her DMP and sometimes the manifestation can take place pretty quickly….. Check out what she wrote! I am in the middle of a crazy two weeks so this post will be short…but sweet . Hubby and I spent 3 days last week painting daughter #1’s new place and the 4th day, Saturday, helping with the move. She, her hubby and their 18-month old have just moved.. Read More

MKE Week 16 2015 “When Life Gets In The Way” Guest Blog By Shirley

When life gets in the way the best we can do is slow down, take a time out and remember to be grateful for what we have.   This is hard to do but necessary for our sanity.  Shirley covers this in her week 16 blog entitled Reflections. Here is a short excerpt from her post, you can read the rest by clicking on the link below it  Enjoy! Yes, it’s been a.. Read More

MKE Week 13 Guest Post By Ed Tolliver What Has Santa Taught You?

What Has Santa Taught You? This is a great guest post by Ed Tolliver that really makes you think in a different perspective.  After I read it, it really got me thinking about a lot of things. I bet it does the same for you.  I hope you enjoy the post as much as I did. I’m leaving tomorrow to go offshore; Ciudad Del Carmen, Mexico on the northern side of the Yucatan.. Read More

MKE Week 12 Law of Growth Kicks Ass

Law of Growth Kicks Ass! At least this is what one of my members found out this week. His words “The Law of Growth really kicked my tail. Hard. Fast. Brutal.” To see the full post just click on the link below. Ask yourself after reading it “Does The Law of Growth kick my ass or do I recognize it before it gets that far? 😉  Enjoy!!! https://masterkeytolliver.wordpress.com/2015/12/14/master-key-week-12-the-law-of-growth/

Master Key Guide Experience Week 5

Okay, it has been a crazy couple of weeks with a lot of traveling due to some family goings on, but I wanted to do a post about my Master Key Guide Experience so far in week 5. In a word WOW!!! I didn’t really know what to expect as far as being a guide and it is very hard to put into words the way I feel at this point.  It is.. Read More

Master Key Experience Week 4 Guest Post by Anthony Carr

Okay, so I’m a bit behind, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks on the road, but I wanted to share this blog by one of my members Anthony Carr entitled “Don’t Wait” Inspired by the music “Don’t Wait” by MAPEI  Video included  enjoy!!!! This week during the master Keys lesson we were told that we were all going to quit. We were either going to quit the course altogether or we would.. Read More

Week 3 Guest Blog from Bernetta Adolph

Wanted to share Week 3 Guest Blog from Bernetta Adolph Bernetta has such a big heart and she just gets what the MKMMA is all about. I have had immense pleasure working with her so far and I look forward to seeing her progression through the program and her personal journey. Here is a small excerpt from her week 3 blog, to read the whole post click the link below. Enjoy As usual.. Read More

Week 2 MKE Guest Blog from Shirley Hodgins

I am honored to share this post from Shirley Hodgins on my site. She is one of our new MKMMA members and one of the people I am lucky enough to share this journey with. Visit her blog and follow her journey as she becomes a hero in her own world. Okay, week two…subby is putting up a bit more of a fight. My conscious mind is uncovering some of the deep-seated, hidden,.. Read More

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