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Week 23 POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS By Lorelei

Hi, I decided to have a Guest Blogger for week 23. Lorelei gives this great example of  The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS. Thank You Lorelei Sunshine… The POWER of YOUR THOUGHTS My friend Bob says I am always the optimist, always thinking the positive and good in every one and situation no matter how dire. I have always lived my life this way, never worrying about where anything I need is coming from.. Read More

Week 20 Guest Post by Shirley Short And Sweet!

Short And Sweet Shirley is manifesting things in her DMP and sometimes the manifestation can take place pretty quickly….. Check out what she wrote! I am in the middle of a crazy two weeks so this post will be short…but sweet . Hubby and I spent 3 days last week painting daughter #1’s new place and the 4th day, Saturday, helping with the move. She, her hubby and their 18-month old have just moved.. Read More

MKE Week 15 2015 I’m Still Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

It’s one year later and guess what? I’m still Nature’s Greatest Miracle! We are in week 15 again of the MKMMA program and because we switched to a new month as well, we moved to scroll IV of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman Of The World “I am nature’s greatest miracle” Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair,.. Read More

MKE Week 10 As I Sit Here & The Secret To Your Cup Of Happiness Continued

Oh good, you’re back to find out the secret to your cup of happiness I shant draw out the anticipation too long, you’ve been waiting long enough, but a funny thing when you are writing these blogs, you are always looking for pictures that go with your subject matter, and I find it quite funny that most of the cup of happiness pics look like this…..    makes you think that coffee is an.. Read More

MKE Week 9 As I Sit Here…

As I sit here watching this amazing sunrise, I feel blessed… Blessed because I am alive Blessed because I can see Blessed because I Am Free Thanksgiving of 2015 just passed and as I sit here, I am so thankful for all that I have in my life…. Great family, friends, partner, the men who fought to give me the freedom to write this and the list goes on and on. A beautiful.. Read More

The Perfect Eclipse

The perfect eclipse…. Super Moon Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Master Key Experience Okay, so I know that the Master Key Experience doesn’t really have anything to do with the whole moon thing, but I thought it was the perfect day to start the 2015 course. I mean, the fact that the super moon is coupled with a total lunar eclipse and that creates a blood moon is pretty cool in itself, but.. Read More

Resetting Your Mind

Resetting Your Mind Is it possible to reset your mind so that you can accomplish more? Does this sound familar? I’m so tired of feeling like crap, I’m going to start eating better and working out. OR I am so disorganized, starting today I’m going to get my s*** together and get organized. HOW ABOUT I’m going to stop procrastinating on the things that need to be done. Yeah, I’d say we have.. Read More

Master Key Experience is Open & Rockin

The Master Key Experience is open & rockin, get in while you can! 1000’s of people from all over the world have already watched video 1 & 2 and 3 is coming. The course fills up every year in record time so don’t get shut out. Head over and watch the videos and see what all the hype is about Aside from being the only personal development course that gives you 26 weeks.. Read More

Mentorship & Other Reasons To Find Out About The MKE

Mentorship is just one of the reasons to find out about the MKE. Many of you have asked me to keep you informed on the next MKMMA experience, so here are some great reasons to keep your eyes peeled for my updates and get on the early bird mailing list now There’s nothing out there like it! Oh sure, there are tons of personal development courses out there. Some are a few hours,.. Read More

Master Key Experience And Soul Searching

What do the Master Key Experience and soul searching have in common? They both have a knack for making you think about things that… You didn’t want to dig into because you had a fear of what you would find Never really gave much thought to at all because it seemed like an impossibility Challenged the beliefs that you’ve been taught all your life Bring you to a new understanding of yourself and.. Read More

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