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MKE Week 21 Time travel to week 21 2015 Comfort Zone

I thought this might be a good time to take a trip back in time to week 21 2015. Poppycock!!! And NO I don’t mean the popcorn!——->>>ALTHOUGH THE POPCORN SOUNDS GOOD…  Anyway back to the post… This is kind of how I felt this morning as I sat down to write this post knowing I was a day late (BTW, I’m late again, SMH which is why I needed to revisit this post).. Read More

MKMMA Week #17 I Give Myself Permission But Drifting Is A Bitch!!!

This week Mark talks about giving ourselves permission. Making the decision to GIVE ourselves the permission to embrace the program and be happy.  He also talked about DRIFTING. OK! OK!  Maybe not this kind of drifting, but it is a really cool car! The real kind of drifting that I am talking about is drifting from the daily tasks and activities that we are supposed to be doing on a daily bases to.. Read More

MKMMA Week 13 Back To The Basics & Gratitude

Week 13 Back to the basics & gratitude This weeks webinar hit me pretty hard.  I mean it was like a total slap upside the head of epic proportions! Mark was talking about how right about this week, week 13 people start getting to a point where they are seeing good things start to happen in their lives, they’ve been doing the work for all these weeks, the reads, the exercises, the traction.. Read More

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