It’s been a while since I written a blog as I have been sharing blogs from other individuals that have been on the MKMMA journey. Some for their first time and others their second or third.

As I sit here and reflect on my first year as a guide for the program, I think about the challenges, growth and triumphs the members and myself have made in this long yet short 6 month session.

While not all of my members stayed in for the entire program and at first my ego kicked in and I was bummed and asking myself what I could have done better, I realized that everyone is on their own journey and whether they finished or not wasn’t because of anything I did or didn’t do, it was because their journey is just as it should be for them. Everyone’s journey is different, and that’s the beauty of the MKMMA.

I really enjoyed getting to know my members (I consider some of them friends at this point) and hearing about their journeys not only their MKMMA journeys but their life journeys. It’s an incredible experience to be able to help people find and go after their bliss and in the process, find and go after your own.  My members were as much help to me as I hope I was to them.

I reflect back to my first year in the program and even though it was no small feat to finish, I grew a lot. Also, becoming a guide for the next session was something I felt compelled to do. Not only for the next generation of members coming in, but for myself.

It sounds kind of selfish, but I believed & feared, that if I didn’t, I would just go on living the day to day and forget what I had learned in the program. My old blueprint would take over again and put me back in the old tired comfort zone. :-(

40 some odd years of programming cannot be fixed in a few short months, at least not for me. For others, it is easier, for some it is harder. For me..well let’s just say, I’m still working on it, and that’s okay :-)  I have made progress and continue to do so. Being a guide has helped immensely. You know that old saying “You learn more by teaching” well, it’s true.

And so here we are the end of session 2015 (unless you are hanging around for the continuation) and the reflections of this past session have left me with the knowledge that no matter the struggles, overcoming them and finding the opportunity in them are just part of the journey and the MKMMA program can help each of us along that journey.

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On a side note, if you are hanging around for the continuation, you rock!!! There are a few more scrolls to read, study and put into action and the journey is not over, it’s just the beginning.

I look forward to sharing more of it with you!

Have a blessed day!