I thought this might be a good time to take a trip back in time to week 21 2015.



And NO I don’t mean the popcorn!——->>>poppycockALTHOUGH THE POPCORN SOUNDS GOOD…  daydreaming

Anyway back to the post…

This is kind of how I felt this morning as I sat down to write this post knowing I was a day late :-( (BTW, I’m late again, SMH which is why I needed to revisit this post)emoticon irritated

This has not been an easy week to get my head into writing anything and as I rewatched this weeks video and the webinar, I couldn’t decide on whether to write about miracles or a guide for how to use your negative emotions as tools for expanding your comfort zone.

I mean, you could get pretty in-depth with either subject because both are equally important.

Take your comfort zone for example…..

It’s this place where most people (approx. 90%) stay because, well, IT’S COMFORTABLE!! thus the term comfort zone.  Which is all fine and dandy, but what have we ever gotten by being comfortable?

  comfort zone1Is this really how you want to live?

What is outside our comfort zone?

comfort zone2Wouldn’t this be a much better place to be?

So why do most people stay in their comfort zone?  Fear, Guilt, Anger, Unworthiness, Hurt Feelings? What if I told you, that you could use these feelings as tools to push out of your comfort zone into this better life?

Would you believe me?  Well part of our assignment this week was to get into the Mastermind Alliance area and share how we have used these feelings to push out of our comfort zone.  I would like to share some of these with you here (I’ve left the names out for privacy).

“When the Universe closes certain doors, the fear and anger would surface bringing out that “victim”. Now I feel excitement and love at the new opportunities presenting themselves as I walk through the new doors being opened for me. Using the feelings that I always thought were “wasted” emotions and channeling them into positive use is so freeing.”

“Awww today I used the guilt of not getting all my work done to getting laser focused and kicking butt and taking names, rather than “worrying” and accomplishing way less! What a great tool!”

“This week I was in a meeting with some VPs at work – in prepping for the meeting I felt strongly I had to speak up and submit what I thought was a contrary opinion to the purpose of the meeting. I felt the fear (anxiety really) around my heart and knew I was moving way out of my comfort zone. I did a check in on my values and beliefs – it was important – and I affirmed to me I would look for the right opening to share my perspective. Turned out that not only did people agree with me, they took my suggestions for expanding the focus and are now creating a “Did you Know…” ad campaign based on my feedback. Whoa! If I had stopped because of my assumptions and opinions, or given in to the fear of being an outcast (yes, really, I do get that feeling because I am often not in the party line) and stayed in my comfort zone by being quiet, I would have missed this great opportunity to contribute and to shine. I know this feeling in the heart space…I am going to listen to it often.

“So. Comfort zone is comfortable, expanding the comfort zone initially leads to discomfort, so how can guilt inspire us to deliberately choose to get uncomfortable…? Well… if the guilt we feel is a result of breaking a promise to someone, and we broke the promise because fulfilling it required us to do something new, be uncomfortable, I can see me using the guilt to MAKE SURE I kept the promise next time, no matter how uncomfortable I got. Guilt already at times inspires me to do BETTER at something, even if it’s an activity well contained in my comfort zone, if I think I’m not performing at my best.”

These are just a few out of thousands of shares in the alliance area.  People facing their negative feelings and using them to stretch outside their comfort zone to be in a better place.  It can be done and once you do step over that boundary, you find that it’s not so hard and so you make that effort to keep going.

I’m had some feelings of guilt that I didn’t get this post done sooner, however using that to get it done now and letting go of that feeling is liberating.

So on to the miracles…. Did you know that a miracle does NOT have to be of biblical proportions to be considered “A Miracle” :-)


It’s true! Look around you and take notice of the many miracles around you. The beauty of the Sunrise and the Sunset, the birth of child, the growth of a spring flower popping through the snow or through the blacktop of a road for that matter.  Miracles happen all the time everyday, most people are just blind to notice them.

Life is one big miracle that should be lived in happiness, love and harmony. If you look at life like everything is a miracle, you will never get bored of looking around.  Think about it….

You’re walking down the street and see a woman who is pregnant.  The miracle of carrying a life within her gives her a glow that to the careful observer shines brighter than the average person.

You are watching a monarch butterfly go from one beautiful flower to the next and you think to yourself, the miracle of such a delicate looking creature having the strength to fly from North America hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles away for their annual migration to Mexico is inconceivable.

Rainbows after rain storms, growth after fire, a simple intake of breath.  These are all tiny miracles that happen day in and day out that we never really think about because we are so busy with our lives.  Some times you just have to stop and smell the roses, take time out of your day and observe all the wonders and miracles around you.

MKMMA has taught me to slow down, enjoy life a little more and be grateful for all the miracles in the world big and small. It has also taught me that I am one of natures greatest miracles and SO ARE YOU!!!


Be the observer and you will see the miracles too.

P.S. Just on a side note, I have been able to slow down and enjoy some of the things I was too busy to do and to also step outside my comfort zone a bit YAY! That being said, Guilt is still a very effective tool for getting things done.

Have a blessed and abundant day!

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