Short And Sweet

Shirley is manifesting things in her DMP and sometimes the manifestation can take place pretty quickly….. Check out what she wrote!

I am in the middle of a crazy two weeks so this post will be short…but sweet :).

Hubby and I spent 3 days last week painting daughter #1’s new place and the 4th day, Saturday, helping with the move. She, her hubby and their 18-month old have just moved nearly an hour closer to us…yay! Sunday was filled with church and webinar and packing for…daughter #2’s arrival and move into a new place on Monday (yesterday). She is now a 2.5 hour drive from us, which beats a 4 hour plane ride any day. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, to quote a line from my DMP…”My family is of utmost importance.” Having lost 2 boys at birth (in 88 and 92), the children we got to keep are extremely precious and it has been a dream of mine since the girls “flew the nest” to be able to get together as frequently as possible. These two moves have certainly gone a long way to fulfilling that portion of my DMP.

Today is a rapid regrouping day so that we can make the 12-hour drive tomorrow to get to our NWM company’s quarterly training seminar. Amazing things are happening with our biz, as well. So have/will some of my Sits and Reads suffer a bit during this 2-week whirlwind? Yes, I admit it. But I still say my Affirmations/7 Laws, etc, well-memorized, aloud or silently as often as possible. So until next post…adieu!

I don’t know about you, but even though she is crazy busy, she sounds like she is also crazy happy! When you focus on what makes you happy, good things happen. If you would like to read more of her story, check it out here

What are you manifesting in your life?

Is it the positive things that make you happy or the negative things that don’t?

Would you like to learn how to manifest the positive?

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