New Growth….The End Is Actually The Beginning…..


Just when you think the end is in sight, you realize that hmmmm, it might just be the beginning.

Take for instance a forest fire. The flames destroy everything in their path, trees are left standing in a blackened sea of ash created by plants that where once green and lush.

It’s the end right?

Not so fast, what is it that we see in a short time coming up from the ash?

New growth right?

Our lives are kind of like this. We go through fire storms throughout our lives where we swear our life is over. It can come in many forms, divorce, illness, loss of a loved one, financial loss. We’re all covered in ash thinking this is the end only to realize that there is this tiny growth of something new sprouting.

A new idea

A new feeling of strengthstock-photo-441027-regrowth-after-fire

A new glimmer of hope

Then things really start to look different after a while, the new ideas start to take root and start spreading to even more ideas. The color starts coming back into our lives bringing with it hope of a brighter more beautiful future.

It isn’t the same as before, the landscape has been changed and rearranged but with that comes a new strength and a new will to survive.  Everything is fresh, uncluttered and unencumbered.

The end of a day brings with it the beginning of a new day, the end of one experience (good or bad) leads to the beginning of a new one, the end of 2015 brings with it the beginning of 2016, and so…new growth, the end is actually the beginning :-)

Some people wait all year to get to the new one so that they can start over with a clean slate. They make New Year’s resolutions in hopes of a new beginning.

I don’t believe in New Years resolutions in fact Ivan Remus one of my MKMMA  colleagues wrote this fantastic blog about them (You can read it here)

I believe that everyday is a new beginning and so with the dawning of a new day brings new growth within each and everyone of us. So start the new day off with positive new growth….

  • Write down everything you accomplished last year, last month, yesterday. Don’t focus on what you didn’t accomplish, it’s not important :-)
  • Read these accomplishments everyday several times a day if need be. Be proud of them, celebrate them, be grateful for them.
  • Write down 3 things you are grateful for every day. (There’s always something to be grateful for)
  • Read these everyday as well. It’s hard to feel ungrateful or unhappy if you read everything you are grateful for 😉
  • Live everyday in the present because it is a present :-) If you are fearful of the future or bogged down in the past, you will miss the gift of the present.
  • SHARE! Share your love, share your gifts, share your happiness and it will come back to you 10 fold.

We have a chance everyday to let the end be the beginning of a new idea, a new strength and a new hope. What does your new beginning look like?

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