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Week 18 Guest Post from Kelvin’s Master Key Experience

Week 18 Guest Post from Kelvin’s Master Key Experience Probably one of the most entertaining members, I wanted to share his post with you in hopes that you may have a breakthrough in your life as well. Here is a short excerpt from his post… This past week was about the hero’s journey. I’d been puzzled about that reference for some time (but not curious enough to look it up, mind you.) After.. Read More

Week 17 Guest Blog Suzanne’s Master Key Adventure

I wanted to share this blog with every one because I feel that Suzanne has really made some great strides forward. She has learned how if you don’t move forward, you are going backwards. I hope you enjoy her posts. I say posts, because this is a 2 part post that really brings home Haneel, Og and the laws of mind. http://masterkeysuzanne.jamomma.com/week-17a-grief-and-the-laws-of-the-mind http://masterkeysuzanne.jamomma.com/week-17a-the-conclusion   If you would like more information on the Master.. Read More

MKE Week 16 2015 “When Life Gets In The Way” Guest Blog By Shirley

When life gets in the way the best we can do is slow down, take a time out and remember to be grateful for what we have.   This is hard to do but necessary for our sanity.  Shirley covers this in her week 16 blog entitled Reflections. Here is a short excerpt from her post, you can read the rest by clicking on the link below it  Enjoy! Yes, it’s been a.. Read More

MKE Week 15 2015 I’m Still Nature’s Greatest Miracle!

It’s one year later and guess what? I’m still Nature’s Greatest Miracle! We are in week 15 again of the MKMMA program and because we switched to a new month as well, we moved to scroll IV of Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman Of The World “I am nature’s greatest miracle” Since the beginning of time never has there been another with my mind, my heart, my eyes, my ears, my hands, my hair,.. Read More

MKE Week 14 2015 New Growth…The End Is Actually The Beginning

New Growth….The End Is Actually The Beginning….. Just when you think the end is in sight, you realize that hmmmm, it might just be the beginning. Take for instance a forest fire. The flames destroy everything in their path, trees are left standing in a blackened sea of ash created by plants that where once green and lush. It’s the end right? Not so fast, what is it that we see in a.. Read More

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