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MKE Week 9 As I Sit Here…

As I sit here watching this amazing sunrise, I feel blessed… Blessed because I am alive Blessed because I can see Blessed because I Am Free Thanksgiving of 2015 just passed and as I sit here, I am so thankful for all that I have in my life…. Great family, friends, partner, the men who fought to give me the freedom to write this and the list goes on and on. A beautiful.. Read More

MKE Week 8 Looking Back Is The Key To Looking Forward

There is an old saying “Looking Back Is The Key To Moving Forward” Some would argue that looking back only tends to keep you planted in the past, but I disagree.  We are in week 8 of the Master Key Experience and I have been here before. About this time last year, was my first year in the MKMMA. So I decided to go back and read what I had written last year… Read More

MKE 2015 Week 7 Renewal and Visualization

As I look towards my future here in week 7, renewal and visualization take on a special meaning. Whether you believe in tarot cards or not, when you pull one, you can’t help but wonder what significance that particular card holds for you at the time you pulled it.  I pulled this one while focusing on my future and the path that I am on. Along with this card this was the reading.. Read More

MKE Week 6 Guest Post Joe Feeney ~Opinionated

Hey all! Want to introduce you to Joe Feeney my guest blogger for week 6 Take a look at this excerpt of the post that Joe did. It’s a great post in week 6 about being opinionated or at least trying not to be 😉 I hope you enjoy! Well, last time we met, I talked about how we had to go a week or so without giving opinions.  Like nada, zip, zilch,.. Read More

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