Continuation & The River

The Continuation & The River!

Ok, so week 25 is quite a distance from week 24, but that’s okay. This is the continuation of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance. We have now entered the stage of self directed continuation.  As the picture states above continue! You are on the right track!”

The right track being the one that was set back in the beginning of this process.  The changing of the blueprint, the changing of the old bad habits into the practicing good habits. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the beginning, you can go HERE.

So what about the continuation? It turns out that there were a few lost chapters in the Master Keys by Charles Haanel, and we still have a few scrolls left to go in Og Mandino’s The Greatest Salesman In The World.

We continue although on a more self directed path than in the past. You see, Mark J knows that for people to succeed and keep succeeding, they have to be able to have self directed thought processes.  They need to be able to stay the course with or without direction from the expert.  That’s what the MKMMA is all about.

You learn step by step how to change your blueprint, you work and practice those changes for a period of time until it becomes habit, hopefully 😉 and then you continue on with those habits long after the course is done.

Reading chapter 25 of The Master Keys was very interesting to say the least. I have to be honest here, I have drifted off course for a while, I wrote a post a while back about drifting and I had to go back and read it again to kick myself in the a**. If you would like to read it, you can go HERE.

Back to chapter 25, it has a lot of great insight into the mind of man and the universe, but a couple particular parts stood out to me and really made me think about the continuation of my progress and about how the river is a perfect metaphor for my life and also others lives.

Part 25 reads…

Freedom does not consist of the disregard of a governing principle, but of conformity to it. The laws of nature are infinitely just. A violation of just law is not an active freedom. The laws of nature are infinitely beneficent. Exception from the operation of a beneficent law is not freedom. Freedom consists in conscious harmonious relation with the laws of being. Thus only may desire be satisfied, harmony attained and happiness secured.

Part 26 reads…

The mighty river is free only while it is confined within its banks. The banks enable it to perform its appointed function, and to answer its beneficient purpose to the best advantage. While it is under the restraint of freedom, it gives out its message of harmony and prosperity. If its bed is raised, or its
volume greatly increased, it leaves its channel and spreads over the country, carrying a message of ruin and desolation. It is no longer free.  It has ceased to be a river.

This  stood out to me because although at my core I want to have fun and freedom and have always been adverse to confining myself to a schedule or calender. Like a river that is a life giving force while it’s in the confines of its banks, if it breaks free of those confines, it is a destructive force. Free but yet confined. Sounds like a contradiction, but makes perfect sense in a weird way.

If I keep running over my banks and flooding my day with to much unscheduled nonsense, I will always cause myself ruin and desolation in the form of never getting anything accomplished and always feeling like I’m just spinning my wheels.

And yet, if I confine myself to scheduling my day, week and month on a calender, it will enable me to free up the time I need and want to have fun without the destructing thoughts of guilt and the emotional onslot of feeling like I wasted time without getting anything accomplished.

Definitely worth the try, what have I got to lose? bored-smiley-tapping-fingers

So then, I must ask myself, if the river is free in the confines of it’s banks and it gives a message of harmony and prosperity, why can’t I be in the confines of the banks of schedules and calendars to do the same?

Yikes!!! Have I really had the definition of freedom wrong all these years? Could I be even more free if I confine myself? Questions that I have been lead to ponder and I believe I know the answer, do you?

Continuation & The River

Continue on your path, confine yourself within your banks and freedom will be yours to spread harmony and abundance.

I hope this gave you something to think about today. Thinking is growing and growing is important to life and happiness. Would love to get your comments, so feel free to comment below, and if you would like more information on how you can have your very own #MasterKeyExperience, click on the picture below.

God Bless

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