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MKMMA Week 24 My Brain Has A Hidden App!!

My brain has a hidden app WHAT!? Don’t laugh, SO DOES YOURS Don’t believe me? Check out this video Pretty interesting isn’t it?  What animals did you get and did it surprise you? Post your answers below, would love to get your thoughts. I actually wrote down an eagle with my dominant hand and a butterfly with my non dominant hand. “Okay, I know that the butterfly is not an animal, it’s more.. Read More


NOT Week 23 Mark J gave us a book to read called “Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude” by Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone. This is a great book that talks about Positive Mental Attitude and how it can contribute to your success. Every time I thought PMA I couldn’t help but think of PMS LOL.  I’m a woman what do you want? PMS takes over our lives for at least a.. Read More

MKMMA Week 22A Getting Rich Is A Science…Really!

Week 22A is an off week for us MKMMA’rs. Okay not really an off week as our minds never quit, but a break week. During this week, we were introduced to a great audio book by Wallace Wattles entitled “The Science Of Getting Rich” Did you know that getting rich is a science? Yep, this was my reaction too LOL. If someone would have told me years ago that there was actually a.. Read More

MKMMA Week 22 Battle Plan

Week 22 is also the beginning week of the month and the beginning of the month is a new scroll from Og. This new scroll states: “Today I will be the master of my emotions” At the time that I read this for the first time, I had to giggle because I had done just the opposite.  Lost all control of my emotions LOL. I mean I was having a seriously “off” day. .. Read More

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