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Poppycock!!! And NO I don’t mean the popcorn!——->>>ALTHOUGH THE POPCORN SOUNDS GOOD…  Anyway back to the post… This is kind of how I felt this morning as I sat down to write this post knowing I was a day late This has not been an easy week to get my head into writing anything and as I rewatched this weeks video and the webinar, I couldn’t decide on whether to write about miracles.. Read More

MKMMA Week 20 Winter Be Damned!!!

Okay, so it’s week 20 in my MKMMA journey and I have to say a little off subject, WINTER BE DAMNED!!! What does winter have to do with anything? It has nothing to do with anything unless you count the fact that it puts my DMP and PPNs into better focus! If you haven’t been reading my previous posts, your DMP is your definite major purpose and your PPNs are your Personal Pivotal.. Read More

MKMMA Week 19 Strike A Pose, A Power Pose!

Strike A Pose! Not just any ol pose, a power pose! This week in the MKMMA, we are learning about body language and power poses.  We know that your thoughts can change your body, but did you know that your body can actually change your thoughts? It’s true!!! Certain “power poses” don’t just change how others perceive you, Professor Cuddy from Harvard says. They immediately change your body chemistry. This is actually kind.. Read More


Success before happiness or happiness before success? This is a very interesting question to say the least.  We have been conditioned all of our lives to go for success because once we have that, we will be happy. The problem is…. SOMEONE KEEPS MOVING THE GOAL POSTS!!! Seriously, STOP MOVING THE GOAL POSTS ALREADY!!! No, not YOU haha, I’m talking to my subby. For some reason, my subby thinks that once we’ve reached.. Read More

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