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MKMMA Week 9 Faith & Science

Week 9 Faith & Science This week we learned more about the science of how the brain works but we also learned to put faith in what we have been doing for the last 8 weeks. First lets get to the Science part because that’s pretty cool. Here is a short video that explains the difference between the right brain and the left brain. Pretty cool right? We actually have a choice, either.. Read More

MKMMA Week 8 You Want Me To Meditate?

Week 8 You Want Me To Meditate? Okay, technically, we have been “meditating” for 7 weeks now, or should I say we were supposed to be meditating for 7 weeks…. I started out pretty good with this whole thing, but somewhere in the last couple of weeks, I had slacked off with the meditation part of our assignments.¬† I didn’t miss every day, but I missed a few here and there……HUGE MISTAKE!!! Let.. Read More

MKMMA Week 7 Visualization

¬†Visualization In The Master Keys part 7, Charles Haanel says: “Visualization is the process of making mental images, and the image is the mold or model which will serve as a pattern from which your future will emerge.” Okay, so let me get this straight for all of the readers out there that may not get it. What Haanel is actual saying is that ANYTHING¬† you can visualize mentally in your mind can.. Read More

MKMMA Week 6 Greet This Day With Love In Your Heart

Week 6 I greet this day with love in my heart. Og states in the scroll marked II “I greet this day with love in my heart” Before reading this scroll, I can honestly say, sometimes I did. You know those days, you pop awake and everything is right in your world. You look at the day with bright eyes and feel that anything is possible. You actually thank God that you are.. Read More

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