MKMMA Week 5 Energy Vampires and The Seven Laws of the Mind

Energy Vampires… I thought this would be a fitting post today because well, it’s Halloween, I know I know it’s kind of off center, buuuttt, what the hell Energy Vampires are a very real threat to our subconscious mind not only on Halloween, but every day.  If you’ve read my previous posts, you know I’ve mentioned them before and I also said to RUN!!!  I meant it too, run in the opposite direction.. Read More

MKMMA Week 4 “I” & Letting Go

Week 4 “I” & Letting Go So it is week 4 and it has been a very emotional and enlightening week so far. I continue to work on my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) as every time I think I have the darn thing close, BAM… things change :-/ They tell me this is a normal thing and to just stick with it and it will get clearer. LOL I’ve never been one for.. Read More

MKMMA Week 3 Wait!!!Solar Plexus What!?

Week 3 kind of started off on the wrong foot.  I missed my webinar due to company being in town, it was great to see them, but when you are trying to build good habits, it messes up the routine a bit LOL.  Anyway,  that threw my week off right there. Then, have you ever had a night with negative people and you can just feel the energy being sucked right out of.. Read More

MKMMA Week 2 DMP & The Gatekeeper

Okay, this is week 2 into my Journey and what a ride so far…. First, the DMP… Can I just say that trying to put your definite major purpose or for the ones who don’t know the lingo how you want your life to look in the future,  into words that are positive with no negative verbage,  add in the feelings that are supposed to be attached to what you want (this part.. Read More

MKMMA Week 1 Of My Master Key Journey

This is Week 1 of my Master Key Journey     It is 10:30am Wednesday morning October 1 2014.   It is an overcast but pleasant morning and as I sit by my morning campfire next to the river in my backyard, I can’t help but wonder where my Master Key Journey is going to lead me. I have a mixture of feelings about the next 6 months that loom before me. The.. Read More

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